The Experience of IEKEP

IEKEP has an expertise as well as a long experience in career guidance.

It was member of the Lifelong Guidance Expert Group of the European Commission (2002-2006)

IEKEP provides training courses on Career Counselling (it has trained approximately 150 counsellors since 1992)

Career Guidance constitutes a core element in all IEKEP activities (research activities, educational material, integrated projects, Leonardo Da Vinci projects, etc).

IEKEP has produced Educational Material for Careers Education that has been mainstreamed into the Official School Curriculum.

It has conducted, by CEDEFOP appointment, all research activities and country studies on Career Guidance

It has also undertaken numerous studies on Vocational Guidance issues, by appointment of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs.

IEKEP has been the Technical and Scientific Consultant of the National Centre for Career Guidance, within the framework of the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training (2003)

It has conducted, by appointement from the Greek National Centre of Career Guidance, a research activity on "International Systems of Quality Assurance for Career Guidance Services (2007)


Career Guidance Services

Career guidance provided by IEKEP is a procedure that helps people to: 

  • Increase awareness and assess their personal traits ( interests, values, performance, etc)
  • Get occupational and educational information
  • Match their personal traits to potential educational/ career choices
  • Take educational and career decisions
  • Manage transitions and cope with practical issues related to them
  • Make an action plan

Career guidance is provided individually or in group.


Employment Counselling Services

IEKEP provides counselling and training services facilitating the integration of young people into the labor market.

These services include: 

  • Career planning
  • CV writing
  • Skills for job seeking



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