"Study on Indicators and Benchmarks in career guidance" (2005)

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By appointment from the European Center for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) I.E.K.E.P. has conducted a study on the subject "Study on Indicators and Benchmarks in career guidance" (2005).

The Greek study aimed at exploring whether the Greek guidance organizations had developed or were planning to develop indicators for the provision of life-long guidance.

The study is issued in the context of the political priority given at European level to career guidance, due to its contribution to the achievement of four public policy goals: 

  • lifelong learning
  • social inclusion
  • labour market efficiency
  • economic development

These goals are considered fundamental in the establishment of a competitive and dynamic knowledge society in Europe. In this context, the assurance of high quality life-long guidance is considered as a prerequisite, together with the development of specific qualitative and quantitative data as "indicators". The ultimate objective is the evaluation of guidance services in each country and the promotion of the dialogue at European level.



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