Who we are

The Institute of Training & Vocational Guidance (IEKEP) founded in 1990, is a private non-profit organization, functioning in the region of Attica as an accredited vocational training center (No 12101107 by Greek Ministry of Employment). 


Its main activities include:


a) Training services for professionals of various specialties as well as unemployed, covering a wide range of sectors such as constructions, environment, ICT, tourism, culture, basic skills etc.

b) Research activities, mostly on vocational guidance, in cooperation with Public Organizations, European Organizations, Universities etc,

c) Planning, implementation and coordination of numerous national and european projects in cooperation with other national and European organizations

d) Development of educational material and ICT-based tools.

IEKEP has over 20 years of expertise in Vocational Guidance (more than 600 vocational training programmes/over 200.000 hours of vocational training/over 12.000 trainees) as well as administration, audit and management procedures. Being an accredited Vocational Center, its structure includes, according to the relevant national framework, a Manager, a Training Manager and a Training Coordinator, all experienced and accredited professionals. Its also employes 3 experienced executives as administrative staff and has a long standing cooperation with a network of at least 50 experts – trainers covering a wide range of sectors. Its function comlpies with the relevant administrative framework set by the Greek state, including an integrated monitoring and evaluation system running through all its activities.


Through its Training Manager, IEKEP is a member of the Lifelong Guidance Expert Group founded in 2002 by the European Commission.

Equal opportunities, gender equality and quality assurance are solid values of IEKEP that transverse all its activities.


Permanent staff - Associates of IEKEP


Its permanent staff have long experience in adult training and career guidance.

All adult trainers are accredited by the Ministry of Employment and have long teaching and vocational experience. The trainers are evaluated, on a constant basis, by the administration of IEKEP.


Our Venues


The venues of IEKEP, located in N.Ionia 200 meters from the metro station of Perissos, are fully equipped with modern educational material and technology.




  • 34A, Averof Str. - Nea Ionia, Athens
  •   210 2586970
  •   210 2586972
  • info@iekep.gr